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you'll never see me cry [entries|friends|calendar]
KaSsIe KiTkAt

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[11 Jan 2008|11:50pm]


Check out this video: WE PEE IN BOYS BATHROOMS TOO!!!


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YAY 4 SUMMER!!! [24 Aug 2005|01:54pm]


hottubbin it!

haha Julie giving kels a lapdance

my fav undies!!!! haha they say 'boy scout'

my screen name there is 'uwantmichelle00' instant message me and add me!

update of sorts... [12 Aug 2005|04:44pm]
[ mood | ehh ]

I'm super, super tired.

Woke up at 10:00 and recieved a phone call that I didn't have to babysit til 12:00 (thank God!). Ended up babysitting for only 2hours, went to the mall, left with nothing, got ready for work, planned on getting out early...but didn't (FUCK!). I got home and hung out with the fam for a bit. All of us headed up to bowling...Phil, Bill and I were on a team. I sucked...real bad. Ehhh well.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to end up picking up a shift at St. Mary's. Bri mentioned his hockey tourny in Canada but I think I'm passing on that one. Making $13.50/hr sounds more delightful <3

Yeah so that's an update on my life. Take it or leave it...

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[02 Aug 2005|03:26am]
[ mood | unnerved ]

So it's 330am and I cannot sleep. El-Jay always cures my bordem though.

I went shopping today. Bought a few tanks at Wet seal. With three tanks and $21.50 later...I was satisfied. I went to Marshall Fields and saw my old manager working at Elizabeth Arden! I miss her soooooo much! We vented about Victoria's Secret for a good hour. It was SO nice seeing her!!

After shopping I went tanning, had a nice Always Tan talk with HayHay for a good hour. God I love 'em.

After shopping I went out to the Monroe County Fair with Chris. It was cute, I won't lie. We road the Ferris Wheel and I wanted him to pull a Noah & Alley on me, but he didn't. Haha.. I <3 The Notebook. After the fair we just sat and chatted for a LONG time ;o)

Got home around 12:30ish because I was super tired...well 3hrs later I'm still up. This sucks

K, I'm gonna go..bye

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[28 Jul 2005|08:12pm]
[ mood | bubbly ]

Today was an alright day, I guess. My plan after leaving work last night was to sleep til 2:00pm...sure enough I slept til 1:53pm. Woohooo <3

After work I went to 7-11 (basically my after work rictual). THE PLACE GOT ROBBED! Luckily I wasn't there 5 minutes earlier, hahaha. After work I dicked around and fell asleep.

I dicked around today too. Jessie, Jason and I found sluts on Myspace (we're gay). I went tanning then went to work at 6:00. Worked a measely 4hrs and my bitch of a manager didn't get us out of there til 9:58pm. Wendy and I were furious because Laguna Beach was on! I scurried home & made it there by 10:10pm. It was a good one! After Laguna I chatted it up online, drove home drunk Dave and then went to Dunkin Donuts to get some coffee. I saw Bill there with slutty Lauren. I didn't even think of anything until Bill called Amanda asking if I had already called her? LoL. So much drama but she's a hoe bag and I feel bad for her boyfriend. "I have a date with my neighbor" I LOVE YOU DUFFY!!! <3

Tomorrow I babysit lil Christopher 12p-430ish. I have to go tanning, visit Grandpa & Grandma, maybe get lunch with Laura if she calls me, get a new badge at St. Marys... so much to do, so little time.

I'm talking to Brian and Carlton right now. Conversations get pretty interesting at 3:00am

K, see ya!

Oh yeah - to my friends! When the hell are we going to CP!?

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[25 Jul 2005|05:10pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Let me be the first to say...Laguna was amazing! Haha... God I love that show, it's been way long. I enjoyed it with my favorite people and then some. Loney, Casper & Sparks joined in ... I think they liked it too ;o)

Today was a good day. I woke up at 1:00 (complete heaven). Bummed around. Hung out with my Grandparents up at Rehab. My Grandpa looks amazing ;o) After that I came home, bummed some more. Ordered some pizza and enjoyed that with Jason. Hmmm? Got my bushy brows waxed, spatted with John (we're cute though). Then headed to Andy's house for the Laguna party.

I'm super sleepy so I departed a bit earlier. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Look what James Freakin' Rooney just told me

Jrooney84: but i dont drink


Okay, I'm out

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YAY!!!!! [24 Jul 2005|08:12pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I'm in a SAD :o( mood.


P.s My Grad party was a year ago from today. Kinda sad ;o(


I <3 Jen, Sar, Ash, Tiff & Andy

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lazy day [20 Mar 2005|10:37pm]
So today was kind of poopy I guess.

I was on call 6-10p I didn't expect to get called in at all so I waited my day out. Went tanning around 330 but didn't leave til about 5 (WE LOVE OUR ALWAYS TAN TALKS!). Just my luck I got called into work so that meant I didn't get to see my Grandparents for the SECOND day in a row. What the f-bomb? ;o( After work I called John and we had our first lil spat. It was cute. It ended with "whatever, get your way and I'll see your beautiful, grumpy face tomorrow." Gosh I <3 cute fire boys. Sandi, my Grandparents doggie ran away ;o( We're so sad so if you're around GC and you happen to see a lil doggie prancing around gimme a call! I went to Andy's after work and sat with Jen for a few because our friends are biotches. I got sad as soon as everyone showed up so thank you Jennifer for letting me vent :o) It's SO nice hanging out with the girls SO much. I <3 you ladies!!! :o) :o) I dropped Kel off and now I'm here!

I registered for Fall today...and I am nervous.

I stole this quote out of Laura's LJ and I <3 it...

"you might not be his first, his last, or his only. he's cared about someone else before and possibly will again - but if he cares for you now then what else matters? he's not perfect and you aren't either, and the two of you will never be perfect. but if he can make you laugh, hold onto him and give him the most you can. he is probably not going to quote poetry, he might not be thinking about you every second of the day, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you can break. so don't hurt him, don't change him and don't expect more than he can give. don't over analyze, smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him whenever he's not there..."

K, I'm outtttttttt!
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I love being spoiled!!!!! [15 Feb 2005|10:23am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

What I got for valentines:

- tank top from victoria's secret
- heart sandals from old navy
- 'tease' gift set from skinmarket w/ lipgloss, nail polish, shower gel, etc.
- heart shaped key chain from old navy
- striped toothbrush from skinmarket
- photo album
- mints from victoria's secret (wing shaped 'dream mints' and 'pink mints')
- cherry socks from gap

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