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you'll never see me cry

behind these hazel eyes

KaSsIe KiTkAt
10 January
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i LOVE animals, shopping, being cute, the little mermaid, and my friends!!

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80's, 80's bands, 80's movies, 80's music, adorable things, animals, apples, ariel, avril, bbw, being adorable, being adored, being cute, bisexual, blink182, blinkies, blinkis, blue, blues clues, bongs, bowling for soup, bowls, boys, cabbage patch kids, candles, candy, care bears, catatonia, charmed, chasing amy, clerks, coffee, colors, comedy, creative, cute things, cuties, dawsons creek, depression, design, dogma, dr pepper, eminem, extacy, fashion bug, ferris bueller, friends, fruity body spray, fruity things, fuzzy creatures, geek, giggling, girls, glitter, good charlotte, goths, green, gummi bears, heart, heathers, hello kitty, incense, jem, jimmy eat world, jones soda, kevin smith, kissing, kittens, lady lovely locks, lane bryant, laughing, lip gloss, lolipops, malibu, malibu and pineapple, malibu baybreeze, mallrats, mannequin, metallica, monty python, moon dreamers, my little pony, necks, piercings, pink, pink hair, pixels, pixies, poison, popples, pot, pretty in pink, punk music, punks, rainbow brite, rainbows, raspberrys, ravers, red hot chilli peppers, red wine, say anything, sex, shopping, simple plan, sixteen candles, smashing pumpkins, spaceballs, spounge bob, stand by me, starbucks, stars, stone temple pilots, strawberry shortcake, sugar, sum41, sushi, tattoos, teddy ruxpin, the breakfast club, the carpenters, the cure, the ewok adventure, the goonies, the little mermaid, the noozles, the princess bride, thundercats, tinker bell, today's special, torrid, tv, voltron, weed, weird science, yellow, yummy lip gloss, zwan.